Over the weekend people gave $25,582 to pay off Charlotte Cummings' legal bills. In response, Arise Church decided to distort the truth (again).
Charlotte Cummings was tasked by Arise Church to lead an independent review into its sick culture. They repaid her with lawyers & legal fees.
"[My wife] was tasked with taking four normal wigs and making the dreadlocks — and I remembered that I had mine in a bag somewhere."
I go inside the mind of a squirrel & the American healthcare system, while an injection loaded with the rabies vaccine goes into my butt.
I saw the arrival of 2023 in with alcohol swabs, insulin & a tiny needle.
Bad News: ChatGPT Isn't Going to Take Our JobsListen now | Plus a big "happy holidays" from Webworm, and some end-of-year lists of my favourite stuff.
The Life and Death of P22Listen now | A mountain lion walked the streets outside my house, and now it's dead. I'm curious what this fact says about us, and our relationship to…
“I was shot with two arrows — first in my stomach, second in my chest — by a man in the depths of the jungle.”Listen now (20 min) | An essay from my friend Matt about why, every June 19, he celebrates his death day.
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