I am not right-wing political pollster David Farrar

Your annual reminder


A more light-hearted newsletter for you today, in the midst of Webworm’s conspiracy coverage.

Every election year in New Zealand, my twitter feed and DMs start to get a little more confusing, as people tell me about conversations I haven’t had, or things I haven’t said.

Tweets I haven’t tweeted, and statements I haven’t stated.

And then I roll my eyes on go “oh, of course.”

David Fucking Farrar.

For years this problem has plagued me in New Zealand, ever since I got a slightly public-facing role as a journalist at a small TV station in New Zealand.

It was then I discovered the existence of a right-wing blogger and political pollster by the name of David Farrar.

Whilst he is also a white male who wears glasses, these are where the similarities end.

Politically we could not be more different, and I would argue the way we see the world also differs. Vastly.

Before Farrar emerged, the only confusion people had over my name with with David Ferrer, a very hot and very good Spanish tennis player.

This I do not have a problem with — mainly because Ferrer is not writing, tweeting and broadcasting highly questionable things.

There is some good background at The Spinoff on past problems with Farrar and his Kiwiblog website:

Personal attacks were cooked up in the prime minister’s office and elsewhere, drafted into nasty, drip-fed blog posts and sent out into the world through two National Party-aligned blogs: Whale Oil and Kiwiblog. An embarrassing number of journalists reprinted these attacks and came to use the bloggers, Cameron Slater and David Farrar, as regular sources for tip offs and news. The journalists were aware that the bloggers had close links to John Key and his government, and this further enhanced their status and influence.

So yeah, it’s just kinda a bummer when Farrar gets on talkback and says something, or one of his tweets travels — and people think it’s me.

I mean, this is the man who co-founded the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union alongside massive creep Jordan Williams.

The last time this Farrar problem peaked was in 2015.

Back then, David Slack (he also has a newsletter I recommend) wrote a fake obituary for the both of us, which was accompanied by a rather alarming illustration.

“David Farrar and David Farrier had almost nothing in common and yet they would eventually become as entangled as an earphone cable. They died together, violently, savaged by a deranged parakeet, in a flat they shared with Samantha Hayes. An attractive TV presenter, Hayes is 94…”

I suppose this is a bit like the problem I have with my stock-model twin Marko, who I’ve written at length about here on Webworm.

But Marko isn’t spouting a bunch of dangerous twaddle — he’s just casually pretending to be a gynaecologist in nationwide ad campaign.

To me, the thought New Zealanders are walking around thinking I am Farrar is alarming.

And look — the weird thing is, I have spent time with Farrar.

Because this problem has been going on for so long, it’s an issue for him, too. Some of his right-wing mates think he’s a bi-sexual documentary maker on the side who likes Competitive Endurance Tickling.

I’m sure he’s not too keen on that, either.

We met once, on an election night. We took this photo to try and stop the constant insanity:

Of course in this new age of conspiracy theories, QAnon and deep-fakes, that photo probably isn’t even real.

So in last ditch attempt to clear things up in time for the 2020 election (yes, America isn’t the only showdown happening this year), Toby Morris has come to the rescue.

Morris’ work has gone worldwide this year — working with microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles, his illustrations about COVID-19 have educated people all over the world:

But he put that important work aside today, and drew possibly the most important illustration of his career:

Share it wide, and share it far.

This insanity has to stop.


PS: Please vote, wherever you are in the world.

PS: If you need a good Halloween mask, then this twitter user has a pretty good solution for you:

Of course Farrar is also an option, depending on your political leanings.