Friday Open Thread: I'm taking your questions all day, here.

This is an experiment. Let's see how it goes.

Update, Saturday, 12.13pm:

Phew! I’ve really enjoyed this. Thanks for all your Friday questions. Sorry if you missed out - I will do this again sometime. But right now, I have to get back to work. Maybe the thread of comments under this post will be a fun read-through.

Feel free to wade into the discussion, too. Maybe you have better advice than I do, for someone who’s posted. In fact, you probably do.

Part of what makes this newsletter fun is that we can all join in the chat. I really like that.

I won’t gush on, but this really was fun. I like how smart and encouraging you all are. And so spread out around the globe - from New Zealand to Brazil to Scotland. It’s great. Maybe the world will end up okay, after all.

Have a great weekend - and I’ll write soon.


Hi there, Webworm reader.

It’s Friday in New Zealand. For you, it might be Thursday. Or another day altogether.

Usually I send out newsletters about various things I’ve been thinking about. But today, I want to try something knew - throwing it back to you.

I’ll be here all day, checking in at various times, to answer any questions you might have.

Maybe you want advice about getting into journalism, or making documentaries.

You might want some TV or film recommendations.

You might just want to check in and say hi: I’m curious to get a snapshot of your world, and your life, today. Now.

To get involved, post a comment below. Talk soon.


PS Here’s a dog I just met: