Webworm has a logo, and a proper address!

I wanted to share the logo with you. My big brother made it!

Hey friend,

What a week. My highlight was finally paying my taxes but accidentally entering my accountant’s tax number instead of mine. Ooof. Cue hours on the phone sorting that out (hi Jed if you’re reading this, sorry I didn’t want to pay your taxes).

But on a positive note, I just wanted to say thanks for signing up, and for coming on this lil’ journey with me. It means a lot. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts and comments under my posts. It’s exactly why I started this newsletter up.

With all that in mind — I wanted to share the new logo for Webworm with you!

Instead of a photo of my silly face, it’s me as a worm, sort of going “WTF is going on”. It’s not flattering but I’m into it. It’s my true essence.

My big brother Rob designed it. You can see more of Rob’s work here. This was my brief to him:

“I suppose I want a worm figure that is "fun" but not comical. On some kind of mission? Emerging from a tunnel? Deep in a tunnel? Exploring/tunneling. Or just a fucking little worm figure thing?!”

And then a day later, Rob just sends me back this discombobulated worm with a nice font, and I love it. He told me the worm was pink for awhile, but that just looked like a dick coming out of a hole.

My brother is my only sibling, and I’m jealous of him as he has way more animals than me. At last count, he had an alexandrine parrot, a cockatiel, two budgies, a dog, a cat, a goat, some sheep and some pigs. Oh and four cool kids. WTF?!!! How does he have the time to draw me a worm?!!

This is me and him the first time we left New Zealand (not on our own, our parents took us) on a trip to Canada.

I must have been about seven. It was the first time I’d played a console and I was hooked on Super Mario Bros on the NES (I’m at the back, that’s Rob closest to camera). Absolutely glued to the screen. Loving it.

It was a bit of a life-changer for me, that trip. Got me hooked on some things (like games! And exploring!) that influenced the rest of my life.

Anyway, thanks for the logo, Rob.


And hey, because we’re on admin: If you like Webworm, I’ve made it easier to send your friends here. Instead of webworm.substuck.com, you can use webworm.co

I was going to register webworm.com, and it was available — but it cost a lot of money:

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a spare $36,441.94 sitting around. So I looked at a bunch of variations: .co.nz, .net, .info — and then I came across .co

It was going for about $50, which is more than I’d wanted to spend on a domain to be honest, but was $36,391.94 cheaper than .com

And it’s a shorter URL, which is better, surely?

I can’t believe an “M” costs $36,391.94.

It’s by far the most expensive “M” I’ve ever come across.

Finally, thank you for reading this and being an early adopter. As a creative, it’s nice to have an outlet for this stuff… not just using Zuckerberg’s platform or Twitter etc to get thoughts out there, but to send things out on my own terms. Direct to you.

If you tell anyone about this newsletter, just point them to webworm.co.

Not webworm.com, I couldn’t afford that.

Next week I’ll be updating you with Covid-19: A Love Story Part 2, and explaining why I don’t have a bright orange parrot anymore.

Talk soon, and please have a safe and happy weekend.