A eulogy for Pete Evans

Illustrator Dan Vernon reflects on the social demise of celebrity chef Pete Evans


I wanted to end the week with something a little fun — so Dan Vernon (@yeehawtheboys) has done this lil’ comic for you, exploring Pete Evans’ madness over the last week.

This is the last I’ll be talking about chef Pete for awhile, because frankly… it’s time to move on.

But it’s a fitting tribute to the Australian celebrity chef who chose to use his platform to spread COVID-19 misinformation and post Nazi memes.

Have a safe and restful weekend. You can check out Dan’s other comics here (he’s so brutal, honest and funny) — and keep an eye on my Twitter tomorrow, because I have a fun thing I’ve been working on to share with you!

Oh, and if you want to share this comic — here’s the URL to copy and paste: https://www.webworm.co/p/a-eulogy-for-pete-evans

Here are my two pieces on chef Pete that informed these comics:

Pete Evans: chef to Neo-Nazi enthusiast
Screaming “free speech” while ignoring “hate speech”

Stay safe and stay sane,