Jul 27 • 25M

The Webworm Podcast: Episode 15

I talk to Hayden Donnell about his latest Webworm piece, and chat to directors Danny and Michael Philippou about selling their film to A24.

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David Farrier
Join journalist and documentary filmmaker David Farrier as he explores various rabbit holes, trying to make sense of the increasingly mad world around him.
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This is just a little Webworm podcast treat for you today — or for your weekend!

In this episode I go and meet Webworm regular Hayden Donnell (who writes some of my favourite columns), before reading out today’s piece about how the rich refuse to admit they just got lucky.

Hayden Donnell in a big jacket and sunglasses, mouth open
My POV while getting coffee with Hayden: Him just rambling on about something en…

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