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Congratulations and supreme effort.

"We Will Watch Your Career With Great Interest" SP.

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Hi David!

Thank you so much for the first episode of flightless Bird! I went to two Catholic elementary school's, and I have to say it affected me.

I have had a lot of religion thrown my way throughout my life. Including living in the basement of a calvary full gospel church. While my family was building our house. At this time we found out my stepmom was schizophrenic. She took religion to a whole new level. She was not a believer before that might I add. She jumped from church to church because every church she found was ran by the devil.

I could tell some wild stories of some churches I visited as a teenager with her, but this is already a lot for a comment.

Long story short, I'm a 41 year old atheist that believes we are quite literally stardust. It was great to hear someone else has that same thought about feeling a little guilt, and that I may be going to hell for even saying it! I always felt wierd and alone in that thought. It baffled me.

I went to the last Armchair and dangerous in Seattle, watched all of Dark Tourist, and I'm a payed subscriber to WebWorm. Keep doing what you are doing! Thanks so much!


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Loved the Christmas episode!!! Thank you so much! I've now lived the second half of my life in NZ, I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where St. Nicholas is celebrated in a big way.

I grew up with the whole St. Nicholas thing on the evening of 5 Dec.. That's when we (as kids) received presents. No presents at Christmas, other than maybe a book to read from school (I attended a Christian primary school in the 1970s) and a book from Sunday School. Just as well I was a bookworm and loved getting books.

Christmas was celebrated with a church service and a nice dinner, with or without extended family.

Then the 26 Dec. in the Netherlands is "Second Christmas Day", another day to visit family and eat.

This year will be my 29th Kiwi Christmas and I still struggle in some ways... I struggle with the whole summer thing, the lack of European traditions I was used to, missing my family, even missing the cold weather and short days. Yes, crazy, but I do, even after all these years. I try to make the most of it here of course. I have my wonderful children here, who are almost all adults now and who have all grown up here in Kiwiland. The oldest two are married and their spouses are from different countries again, so we're a bit of a cultural mix/mess.

In the end, it is about family and love really.

But I still say that St. Nicholas was the OG and Santa is an imposter :P

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Kia Ora David! Recently my obsession with Arm Chair Expert exploded when I started listening to your show... a kiwi myself who got unexpectedly (& thankfully) stuck living in the US also, it resonates and is so entertaining.

There is an idea I have for your series regarding college sport culture here, its a form of religion in of itself and could be really fun + educational for you. I spent 4 years competing at a D1 East Coast school and would be super keen to hear how you embrace that topic... happy to make connections to grassroots athletes/coaches or whatever!

You're a legend, big fan!

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Jun 19, 2022·edited Jun 19, 2022

David, I was so excited when I discovered you thru Dax and Monica. Instant fan, your intelligence and sense of humour are exactly what I find appealing in people. Sadly it’s rare. (Come to Canada, I’m in Toronto!). I follow everything you do, and no one is happier than me that you have a podcast. With the millions(?)of podcast, bloggers, journalists and documentarians there are in the world, and people like me so desperate for quality content, David you are oxygen to me. I am a sapiophile, (Dax would lose his mind), and I cannot find the proper words that are befitting you. ❤️🇨🇦 CLM

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Howdy, will Flightless Bird be available on Podcast Addict and other podcast apps?

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