An wonderful pair of articles that so clearly demonstrates how high control groups 'work'. Kudos to the anonymous writer for their courage and insight.

Many of Robert Jay Lifton's 8 factors of Thought Reform can clearly be seen here.

I saw examples of Milieu (or Information) Control, Demand for Purity, Sacred Science, Loading the Language, Doctrine over Person, etc. and some Thought Terminating Cliches for good measure.


This short (23-min) podcast by Spike Robinson expands on Lifton's model and how it relates to high control groups like the JWs here: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/ex-jehovahs/robert-jay-liftons-8-kvhrKlp2cHu/

While the theology and content is different, the processes used and the psychology of the leaders is the similar across all these groups (i.e. JW, Scientology, Gloriavale, Exclusive Brethren, certain Pentecostal/Evangelical churchs, etc.) and includes other groups too like many MLMs which are essentially 'commercial cults'.

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This was really interesting to read. It does make me wonder though how the paedophiles within the JWs and similar organisations are treated internally once the organisation has had to cover for them. Do they suffer any consequences - even if it is just focused more on the damage they have done to the organisation than the crime they have committed. How do people go on working with and knowing someone who they know to have abused a child? I just can't understand how anyone involved would be able to believe they were a good person.

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greats articles, thanks.

If any international company or non-religious organisation had the number of child sex abuse cases around the world, they would be taken down from top to bottom overnight. How come religions not only just carry on being, but benefit, in many countries around the world, of monetary advantages (either directly by grants or indirectly by tax breaks)?

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