David vs Goliath

You are doing the world a great service through your mahi David, great to see your name pop up on Stuff this morning. I did feel the article/reporter touched too lightly on the gravity of the situation, no reflection on you e hoa. It finished neatly with the church statement, which made it somewhat seem like it's all under control, nothing to see here, without circling back to a focus on the people who are suffering. Again no reflection on you. Great work David, keep digging, you always get to the bottom of things, made my day to see your name on Stuff this morning, keeping the story in the light of day

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

You should check out Ministry Watch. They are a Christian organization that exposes churches that are committing fraud or other crimes. Though you might have heard of them. Thank you for these articles. It's insane what happens in the world of the mega churches. And it's a shame they get away with so much.

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