Open thread: is it more embarrassing to believe in Scientology, or QAnon?

I'm serious.

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Now: buckle in.

Over the weekend, the president of the United States retweeted multiple QAnon accounts, amplifying them to his 82.7 million followers, while a Floridian congressional candidate and QAnon adherent (pictured below) said Beyonce is faking being African American as part of a master plan by George Soros’ Deep State.

The QAnon cult believes a cabal of global elites and pedophiles are running the world, that Donald Trump knows this, and will one day reveal the truth — thus beginning a global showdown between Satan and God.


Rewinding back to 1953, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (pictured below) started a cult called Scientology, which says that 75 million years ago the head of a Galactic Confederacy brought billions of aliens (Teegeeacks) to earth, put them in volcanoes, and then blew them up with hydrogen bombs. Today, the souls of the Teegeeacks attach themselves to newborn human babies, causing internal spiritual conflict that can only be fixed by ascending The Bridge To Total Freedom.

My question to you is this — and I’d love you to sound off in the comments below this post so we can all read each other’s comments —

In 2020, is it more embarrassing to believe in Scientology, or QAnon?

Think of it this way.

Is it more mortally, indefensibly lame and fucking pathetic to spend thousands of dollars on Scientology literature, or thousands of dollars on QAnon merchandise and books?

At your wedding, would you rather be marrying someone who references Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy in their vows, or would you rather they give a short speech about a cabal of global liberal elites and pedophiles?

When you die, would you rather your tombstone be shaped like Xenu’s massive intergalactic cock, or in the shape of the letter Q with the words “BEWARE THE CABAL OF PEDOPHILES AND THE GREAT AWAKENING” engraved on the stone?

Before you answer in the comments below, please reflect on Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.

Figure 1: QAnon (source: twitter)

Figure 2: Scientology (source: wikipedia)

So again: is it more embarrassing to believe in Scientology, or QAnon?

Thankyou, and I look forward to your thoughts.