I also want to say kudos to those who relived this horror story, for you and ultimately for the investigation. May they never have cause to regret doing so and may they get on with their lives, free of these shitgibbons.

And thank you, DF, for your tenacity, bravery, and professionalism - and advocacy for these guys and gals.

Watch the NZ media ignore the source - again - in favour of their click-based model of churnalism.

WE know and we thank you 😊

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My sub renewed today, let’s hope you can use it on 10 cheese burger combos, rather than 10% of a lawyer’s hourly rate...

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Holy Shitballs…

David, you are TRULY doing ‘the Lords work’.

You know I am a fan of all that you encompass but I must say again… absolutely love your work.

I literally read that whole article with my jaw wide open, and each new sentence it dropped even further 😂

Now to read the review!

Mad, massive respect to you my friend.

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As a Christian I am grateful to see this report published. The truth does not thrive in darkness, it dies. I am grateful that the report has been brought to the light through your agency.

I am also grateful that the report does not name people. It tells stories. I acknowledges pain and it validates those who shared their pain. Those who made themselves vulnerable have been heard.

Having read the entirety of the report I believe that the effects will be felt much more widely than Arise Church. Other church communities should read this report and ask themselves how they can be better. It is my hope that there will be learning in this report for other entities.

The authors of the report are to be commended for both their gentle handling of the issues and their uncompromising critique of the church's failings.

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Can we please get a GIF of you dropping a mic? 🎤💥

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Woah. Kudos David, this is a baller move and surely at some risk to yourself. Wishing peace and healing for the submitters. Proud to be a subscriber.

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Aug 16, 2022Liked by David Farrier

David, you are a legend. No wonder they did not want to have the report made public. It is a catalogue of monumental abuses at so many levels. It ticked so many boxes of my own experiences growing up in the Worldwide Church of God: the pressure to conform, the pressure to give over and above what could be afforded, the lack of accountability, the privileged position of the top leadership, lack of transparancy with finances and decision making, racism and failure to aknowledge other cultures, and incompetant counselling leaving the victim feeling worse.

From a mental health perspective it raised so many red flags. The pressure to look the part on young vulnerable members was immence. I wonder how many developed eating disorders and other serious mental health issues due to this pressure. All the survivors need and deserve competent mental health support from a clinician who understands the damaging impact of coercive high demand groups.

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Aug 16, 2022·edited Aug 16, 2022

Fantastic - thanks to whoever leaked it for doing the right thing and David for providing that channel.

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Thank you, David, for letting us support your integrity and your faithful use of our support.

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Thank you. As an aside, several of the CHCH pastors sent in submissions regarding the conversion practices bill trying to get it to essentially allow conversion practices which was the opposite of the point. Glad they were unsuccessful.

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Aug 16, 2022·edited Aug 16, 2022Liked by David Farrier

BRILLIANT work David

I love that you got a shout out in the report

So deserved ❤

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I haven't even got past the title page yet - but as soon as I saw Frank Ritchie's name on the cover, I KNOW it is going to be a well researched, thought out and prayed over report.

Thank you David for being the one to stand up to the bullies and make sure this document gets into the light. I hope it inspires others to believe that their pain and suffering at the hands of other church leadership (because I know from personal experience that Arise and John and Brent Cameron are not the only perpetrators hiding behind church walls and spiritual blackmail) to at the very least feel less alone and maybe even give them the courage to put their hand up and say Arise isn't the only church with this abuse happening. And it's not just the church, Christian ministries/agencies/businesses, should all be ready to have the veil of secrecy and the power of spiritual blackmail ripped away and face up to their own sins.

Thanks too David, for making the report share-able and for doing the mahi to make this available so that the people who were brave enough to submit, haven't done so in vain. You rock!

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Amazing work! Hoping that you’re credited when this is picked up by all the other journalists 🥲

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The only words that possibly encompass the jaw dropping fuckery of the content of the report are “deeply harrowing”. I’ve read it twice and my heart breaks for all of the victims of Arise Church. Their bravery and strength is unparalleled.

It wasn’t just abuse of power in certain areas- it was utterly all consuming. Fuck - it’s completely inhumane on every level.


Even with my rudimentary experience when it comes to religion, my heart is broken for these genuine people of faith, being abused and mocked in this way.

Thank you David. I’m sharing this far and wide. This is one of the most important, balanced and heartbreaking reports i’ve read.

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Been waiting for this day. I thought they’d never release it, and now I’m bloody glad you have.

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I am so glad you have made this public - this document should be read by EVERY church and Christian organisation leader in NZ as it applies not just to Arise but far too many other institutions.

A well deserved shout out to you David. All the mahi, the emotional burden you have shouldered and the legal tight-rope walking you have had to endure is showing fruit in this document. Thank you for standing up for the hurt and those pushed aside. Lets be brutally honest you have shown more of the 'hands and feet' of Jesus in how you have handled this matter than those that call themselves pastors and spiritual advisors.

A double cheese burger and a meet up with a happy cat on your walk home is the very least you deserve today my friend.

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