I feel so goddamn proud

Thank you, Jeff Bezos

Dear world,

I just wanted to say how goddamn proud I am.

So goddamn proud.

As someone who has purchased a variety of books and other items from Amazon.com, I just want to give myself a huge pat on the back for helping one common, ordinary man realise his dreams. A man just like you.

I am near tears right now.

This is so hard to write. I am holding back so much raw emotion.

Let me stop to take a selfie.

I don’t know about you, but I feel so goddamn proud to be a human being. To be alive. To be typing to you right now.

And you should feel proud, to — if you also purchased something from Amazon.com.

Some kitty litter for your cat, a chew toy for your dog, or a mobile for your young child.

A child who may one day end up in space. Because of what you’ve done.

Because me and you — we did it.

Growing up, the expanse of space was a pipe dream. A wild pipe dream. Because while NASA got the first man to space, those dreams were thwarted. Humanity became obsessed with politics, war, drugs and defeating Osama bin Laden.

So we looked to the stars not with wonder, but with sadness. We would never get back to space.

But never say never.

Because we have. Today we have.

Stop and be proud. Raise a toast. Realise what is possible.

First came Branson, then came Bezos. Next comes Musk. I bow down to all three men, knowing that I am a part of this. I am not apart from these men, I am a part of them.

And so we are all one.

The society we have created together is great. I tithe to their cause as I tithe to church.

But this calling is higher.

You can tell this is a true statement because I am literally talking about space.

You and me — we did this. Who knows what else is possible.


PS: Also thank you Amazon employees. And thank you Jeff Bezos for this personal email you just sent me. I appreciate it. I appreciate you. Thank you.