Jevan Goulter, a special kind of creature

The trial of a “prominent Auckland businessman” had a very ratty side-dish


There’s been a trial going on in Auckland, New Zealand. At the centre of it, a “prominent Auckland businessman”. He was found guilty of sexually assaulting three men, and with trying to bribe one of them into dropping their police complaint.

In all the news coverage the “prominent Auckland businessman” has his face pixelated, blurred or simply not shown. New Zealand is small, New Zealand is tiny. Many people know who this is, but the court has ordered his name suppressed. For now. His appeals must run their course.

But another person involved in the case had their name suppression lapse today: Jevan Goulter.

And I think Jevan is worth talking about.

For years, Jevan Goulter has worked in PR. An out-and-proud gay man — who decided to do PR for homophobic New Zealand preacher Brian Tamaki. I’ve written about self-appointed “Bishop” Tamaki on Webworm before: Meet My Favourite Batshit New Zealander. Homophobic, you say? Well yes — I think organising a giant march to parliament to oppose the marriage equality bill counts. I think blaming earthquake on homosexuals counts.

Who stepped to the Tamakis PR defence? Jevan Goulter — a gay man who was there to say “The Tamaki’s Are Okay With Me, a Gay Man!” Brian Tamaki would go pig hunting with Jevan. Buddies, bros, Christians.

Brian Tamaki’s wife would tweet about him often. She wore him like a suit, a shield, a giant strap-on.

Jevan, the gay man who would make their homophobia OK. Jevan, taking their money and updating his website with a new glass of champagne.

The Tamakis sacked him, eventually. Jevan went on a social media rant last year. He had some words about Kanoa Lloyd, a female TV presenter. He called her a “rancid rotton [SIC] stuffed pig with blood pouring out of her eyes.” Jevan said Kanoa should “show NZ what voluntary euthanasia looks like.

I wondered what happened to Jevan after he was fired last year. It was during the Tamakis pathetic, last-ditch run at politics. I mean, he was still hanging out with the Tamakis (yes, they remain friends, firing was just for their public image) — but what would he do for work?

What would this man do to help his community now? He’d openly backed one of New Zealand’s most homophobic churches — what was next for the Gucci-wearing man? Was it to be another birthday party attended by a bunch of New Zealand politicians?

Well, he saw another opportunity to help someone in need. Someone who needed his particular set of skills.

With his colleague, Jevan posed as a New York talent agent, flying to Queensland, Australia to meet a victim of sexual assault. Someone who had been assaulted by a certain “prominent Auckland businessman”.

They met at a five-star hotel, the Palazzo Versace. There, Jevan and his colleague tried to talk the victim into dropping their police complaint:

There was talk of a large sum of cash being offered in exchange for the case against the businessman being dismissed. The young man told the PR duo he would consider dropping his claims for $750,000 but was informed for such a wild amount “a life could be taken”.

Here’s Jevan in court, scrambling, babbling, digging, crawling:

Jevan — selling out to the “prominent Auckland businessman”. Who cares what’s good for the victim? Take the money instead. Money talks. Or in this case might just shut people the hell up.

I’m mystified by these sorts of people. Those that are willing to sell out their own community in exchange for enough money. Because money is fame, money makes your existence mean something, money means maybe one day you can make a better music video.

Jevan — a PR guru who is seemingly happy to be hired by homophobes to fix their image; and a prominent Auckland businessman to help silence their victims.

Oh, Jevan was granted immunity from prosecution by the Crown, by the way, so he could testify against the others. Jevan — the man who once called someone a stuffed pig, is a fully functioning, very much-alive rat.


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