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Thanks for your unique perspective & the hard work you do with sharing these topics! Thoughtful & it makes you question/view things in a different way. I appreciate how it is interesting to talk about. & keep busy with while staying at home due to COVID-19 virus

I hope that everyone in New Zealand, & everywhere else in the world your Webworm readers live stay safe. We can give each other hope & get through it together

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Thanks forever David. Going to miss all the animals you encounter on Instagram, but a big fan of you taking care of yourself. I love the little Webworm world/community, am excited to see where it'll go. I learn a lot from reading your posts, and the comments here are fantastic as well. It's really a wonderful thing here. All the best from DK x

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Thanks, a great resource. Be interested in your view of the recent BBC Podcast 'Mayday'.

Mayday: Who was James Le Mesurier? The story of James and the White Helmets he co-founded.


Just finished it and thought it took you on a real rollercoaster ride of how information and misinformation can influence your view of events. What I found interesting is how they presented multiple sides, the confusion and impact of social media, conflicting interpretations of the same information (depending who you were talking to) and the reporter acknowledging she experienced the same while trying to create it.

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