Webworm with David Farrier
Webworm with David Farrier
Calvin Reviews Lord of The Rings

Calvin Reviews Lord of The Rings

My favourite 7-year-old watches and immediately reviews The Fellowship of the Ring.


If you’ve been digging through the newly launched Webworm store (orders are being dispatched worldwide as I type!) you’ll have noticed the best model we had was Calvin.

This is Calvin.

Calvin smiling, wearing a Jurassic Park tee

Calvin is 7, and is the son of my producer over on Flightless Bird, Rob — aka “Wobby Wob”. Rob also took all the photos for the store.

(I should probably also let you know I’ve painfully written out episode descriptions — no AI! — for all 83 episodes of Flightless Bird so far if you wanted to dive in — it’s just silly, irreverent fun as I attempt to learn about American culture).

In this week’s episode — Pies — we included a snippet of Calvin watching and then immediately reviewing Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

What does Lord of the Rings have to do with pies?!” I hear you ask — and it’s a reasonable question. In short, this was basically a peace offering for listeners who got mad when I did a Lord of the Rings episode without watching Lord of the Rings.

The cuteness would serve as a balm to their anger.

We only played a snippet of Calvin in that episode — but I found his ramblings about Lord the Ring so endearing I wanted you to have a chance to hear it all.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s Calvin, being interviewed by his dad Rob.


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PS: Calvin dyed his hair way before I did. He’s a good kid.

Me with Calvin waving, who was green hair

PPS: Prep for the Webworm popup in LA this weekend is coming along nicely. And yes, some of the one-off tie dyes are Lord of the Rings related!

Tie die long sleeve with "Filthy Hobbitses" written in Hobbit font
One of many one-off custom tie dye t-shirts created by Jess Johnson for the popup!
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