Hi! Webworm is me, David Farrier, worming my way into weird corners of the internet and beyond!

I’m a journalist and documentary maker who, like anyone, likes a good story.

Based in New Zealand, I tend to tell stranger stories, I suppose.

I made a film about Competitive Endurance Tickling called Tickled in 2016, and then a series for Netflix about dark tourism called Dark Tourist. Both highly imaginative titles, huh.

I also do a monthly podcast called Armchaired and Dangerous with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. And I write this newsletter: Webworm. Recently I’ve been writing a lot about conspiracy theory culture. You might have heard me talking about some of this on Armchair Expert, too.

But my greatest achievement to date is probably this tweet, which seems to have been flung around the internet since I tweeted it in 2016.

Oh, how normal shit was back then.

So, what is Webworm?

Webworm is me doing what I love the most: worming my way into strange areas of the internet and real life, to bring you strange and fascinating stories from the edges of reality. The kind of stuff I’ve always loved exploring with my documentary work.

Webworm is my way of making a sense of the world. And in doing so, I hope I get to help you make sense of things, too. Webworm is a newsletter you sign up for that’s delivered direct to you inbox. It’s all 100% original writing and thoughts from me to you.

Why subscribe?

The idea is my weird journeys and thoughts end up in your inbox. Stuff like this. Sometimes my smart friends write guest spots, or illustrate the newsletter.

You can sign up for free and get the occasional Webworm delivered. Or — if it won’t cause you any financial hardship — you can become a paying subscriber.

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A membership is $6.99 a month, or $69.69 a year (USD). It’s cheaper than Netflix!

So to summarise, if you become a paid subscriber you’ll get —

It’s nice to have you here. Welcome to Webworm.