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While I work a lot in documentary (think Tickled, Dark Tourist and Mister Organ) and podcasting (Armchaired & Dangerous and Flightless Bird) my main focus is Webworm.

Webworm is the place I come back to my primary joys — writing, and investigative journalism.

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Webworm is where I broke stories about the systemic abuse going on New Zealand’s biggest megachurch Arise, about billion dollar toy company Zuru successfully obtaining anonymous details of its detractors, and about celebrity IT-brand Lonely descending into QAnon chaos.

I also write extensively on conspiracy theory culture spanning the globe, and the systematic problems found in megachurches and Evangelical Christianity (which often combines with conspiracy culture).

Me recording, with my favourite tee shirt on

All of my most important work — the stuff that is of public interest — is free. This is incredibly important to me. A paywall should never be in the way between readers and important stories.

So right now, you can sign up for free — and start receiving Webworm today:

But this is where an important point comes in: Webworm is only possible thanks to paying subscribers.

The reason I can keep Webworm free is thanks to paying supporters. Putting it simply, there would be no Webworm without them.

They empower my work by giving me the time and resources to do what I do — which includes accessing legal advice when I need it (and I do, trust me).

In return for their generosity, paying Webworm subscribers get access to my more personal writing — like my struggle with memory and quest to find my Serbian stock-model twin, and guest columns like the monthly Totally Normal.

You also get behind-the-scenes pieces about my documentary work (like ‘Dark Tourist Season Two: what could have been’ and ‘Tickled 2: This Time It’s War’).

I look on as a man prepares to get Tickled)
A scene from my 2016 film, Tickled.

I also host AMAs and more community-based pieces where we can chat things out — and you get access to exclusive Webworm clothing I release throughout the year. 

Sometimes my newsletters for paying members get extra weird, like my conversation with a cannibal, or when I explain why a Canadian killer started writing to me from prison

As a paying member, you also get to take part in the thriving Webworm community: The comments section here is the smartest and most polite place I’ve ever found online, populated by a diverse range of people from around the planet.

A paid membership is $69.69 (USD) for one year, or $6.99 (USD) a month. And it allows me to do what I do:

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Only pay for Webworm if it doesn’t cause you any kind of financial hardship. Don’t use this option if you’re a student surviving on noodles, or someone trying to save for study or a home. Stick with the free version — that’s OK! Your eyeballs matter.

A sincere thank you to anyone that supports my work. I literally could not do it without you.


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