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November AMA

When it Comes to Palestine - Free Speech is Under Threat

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When The Internet Rushes To Your Defense

Russell Brand Screams "Conspiracy" To Avoid Rape Allegations

Coyotes & Crows, and Arise Loses (again)

Mister Organ: Tickets on sale for LA, NY & beyond!

A Webworm PSA About Writing Reference Letters for Rapists

Arise Church’s Lawyers Are Using The OIA To Get Witness Statements

Can Piracy Ever Be a Good Thing?

The Education Review Office Finally Speaks on Bethlehem College. Sort of.

Bethlehem College’s Message to Gay Students: “Be Celibate”

The Full Email from Dr Sam Bloore to Webworm

Thanks To You, Webworm Spread Like Wildfire

Can New Zealanders Please Stop Wearing KKK Outfits & Blackface?

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“This is what happens when you f**k with New Zealanders!”

The Crook, The PI, & the Kiwi Journalist Stuck in the Middle.

Snakes Shedding Their Skin

The Webworm Podcast: Episode 15

Elon Musk, Bob Iger & Bill Gates: The Myth of the Self-Made Man

A World in Flux

The News Should Not Be Torture Porn

New Zealand vs America vs My Spine

James Wallace: Portrait of a Defiant Man

How a Millionaire Meat Man Abused Young Men For So Long

Webworm Presents: TALK TO ME

Arise Church Lost $2.77 Million Last Year

Let's Talk Toks: Everything’s a Psyop

The American Healthcare System Defeated Me

The NZ Police On Dropping The Charges Against Sean Plunket

The New Zealand Courts Have Officially Called Me Brave

The Glossy Magazine That Catalogues Grim & Terrifying Deaths

The Worst Pinch

New Webworm Tee: Dissected Worm

The Neighbour From Hell: Mister Organ

Webworm Goes Behind the Scenes as John Cameron Attempts a Comeback

Why Are So Many “Christians” Hellbent on Being Horrible?

The Aliens Have Landed And We Don't Even Care

Totally Normal 17: Just Checking In

Wolves on the Roof

ERO Looking at "Emotional & Physical Safety" of Bethlehem College Students

Webworm Wins "Best Team Investigation" at Voyagers

A Weekend of Recommendations, a Surfeit of Skunks, and a Gaggle of Wonderful Worms

Miami Zoo Says it Will Immediately Stop Deranged Treatment of its Kiwi Bird

We Can Help Each Other

Mister Organ Coming to US Cinemas

I Wanted to Share Some Webworm Feedback

Arise Church Fixes All Its Problems By Getting Rid Of The Women On Its Board & Replacing Them With Men

Why Spotify is Full of Ghosts

Reflections on America's Gun Disease as Elon Musk Goes Full Racist

To Be Clear, Jordan Neely Was Murdered. How Framing The Story Changes the Story

Every Flightless Bird So Far!

Kremelta's Very Horny Recipes

Sean Plunket is Charged & Will Appear In Court in May

Psychic Towns & Tiny Hummingbirds

Why are anti-vaxxers all anti-trans now?

Why AI is Arguably Less Conscious Than a Fruit Fly

This Weekend is Webworm's 3-Year Anniversary!

Webworm House Rules

An AMA as I Quit Twitter

Mr Kitters: The Internet's Favourite Cat

Totally Normal XV: The Ethics of AI

A Quick Sean Plunket FAQ

How Michael Organ Weaponised the Family Court... and Sean Plunket

Life Church Confirms its Leader Was Paid $10,000 For Investigating His Friend’s Sexual Misconduct at Hillsong Church

Good Friends and Terrible Food

Bonus Content: James from Simply Fresh

RIP to Millennials Killing Everything

What We Learnt From The Oscars

Hillsong allegedly commits fraud, evades tax, and pays Life Church $10,000 along the way.

Thou Shalt Not Blog

The Holy Hell of New Zealand’s Biggest Pentecostal Megachurches

Full Emails from City Impact's Peter Mortlock to Webworm

Full Email from Life Church to Webworm

The Culture War Con

"We're Just Normal Men"

Arise Church Breaches Employment Standards

The Scam Your Bank Won't Help You With

Behind-The-Scenes of How the Flightless Bird Podcast is Made

Thinking of New Zealand

A February AMA

The Self-Styled Investment Guru Writes to Webworm (Again)

The Cult of Self-Improvement

A New Day, a New Cease & Desist

The Neverending Curse of MLMs

Checking In On A Flooded Auckland

I talk to the guy behind Paul T Goldman, 2023's best documentary

How to Stream Mister Organ in New Zealand & Australia

Twitter is dead, long live Twitter!

An Email Exchange From The Lower Depths of Hell

Arise Church vs Charlotte

Arise Church has left the person it hired with over $20,000 in legal bills

I Found The Man Responsible For Spider's Dreads in Avatar 2

A Squirrel Bit Me

I Spent My New Year's Injecting a Cat