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Bethlehem College Indicates They Won't Change a Goddamn Thing

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WTF is Going On in Tauranga?

Bethlehem College Snuck the Marriage Thing In

I Went To Bethlehem College

This Place Could Be Beautiful, Right?

City Impact Church Leader Posts Unhinged Video; Deletes It.

When Is a Cult a Cult?

A World Ruined by Confident Stupidity

Arise Shenanigans

John & Brent Cameron Descend Into Oblivion

Significant Arise Church Announcement Expected Today

It Appears America Has a Slight Gun Problem

The 13 Best Things I Learned Online This Year

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What’s Up With Graeme Kirkwood & the Arise Church Board?

The Incredible Multiverse of NZ Journalism

A Flightless Bird PSA, as Arise Church Sits in Purgatory

Time: What Is It?

Tracking Your Soul To Heaven

I Talk to Louis Theroux About That Rap

Zero Clarity: Dealing with the Arise Church Board

Back From the Dead: Arise’s John Cameron Intends to “Return to Lead the Church”

The Downward Spiral of Arise Church: Part 3

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Religious Trauma: Some Resources

Understanding Megachurch Culture

The Resignation That Wasn’t

The Downward Spiral of Arise Church: Part 2

The Downward Spiral of Arise Church: Part I

Full e-mail from Arise’s John Cameron

Arise Church Hires a PR Agency

Arise Church Responds by... Not Responding

Hillsong Isn’t the Only Abhorrent Megachurch

Drugs, the CIA and MKUltra

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The God Factor in the "anti-mandate" protests

Should we bring back public executions?

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Bill Gates on being Conspiracy's #1 Bad Guy

The Brainworms of the Wellington Protestors

Meet Martha, the dog who talks to squirrels

Humans Can Believe in Absolutely Anything

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The Story of Rambo the Orangutan

All Landlords are Terrible Except Mine

An Ode to Meat Loaf

Mr X & the Art of Scaring People With Lawyers

Never Engage with Toddlers Online

Sealing up the Gates of Hell

Has NZ found its Marjorie Taylor Greene?

There was a death last week, and it was me

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