Sitemap - 2021 - Webworm with David Farrier

Are DJs worse than Covid?

Goodbye, 2021

Merry Christmas, have a Melania Trump NFT

A therapist’s guide to holiday hell 2021

A murdering cult leader is ruining my Facebook

Running a fake disinformation Facebook page

Bad News: the anatomy of dodgy news

"Hello, the lab results are in!"

Is It Possible to Accidentally Send Your **** to Your *** Like in Last Night's Succession?

The schadenfreude of anti-vaxxer deaths

When an advertising watchdog chases its tail

Webworm tee & tote: Henrietta Harris edition

Totally Normal III: Having a Nervous Breakdown Online

An Ode to Netiquette

Jehovah’s Witnesses: going beyond the doorstep convo

Going beyond the doorstep convo: Part II

The Strokes played a cryptocurrency party

“I've been on the run since 2014. I try & keep myself a moving target”

Remember when Secret Societies were exciting?

Sorry, posting your cat will not plant a tree

Could the Capitol Riots happen in New Zealand?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt part III: an Act of War

LinkedIn Is Cursed

How to become an anti-vax MLM sensation!

An Apology

New Zealand goes Loopy

The Tale of Peter Mortlock and Sue Grey

Squid Game for our Souls

Totally Normal II: The Internet, Summarised

Why are Anti-Vax Church Leaders All Weeping? 

Vaccinations vs Politics, God & Conspiracy

How the f**k are you still alive?

A Webworm Feedback Special

Fear of a Changing World

Destiny Church isn't the Problem

“I smell vaccinated people”

PSA: We've Hit Maximum Gossip about Vaccines

I whisper to Handsome Devil Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Being number 14,694 in line

Imposter Syndrome and the Urge to Poop

Nicki Minaj, Lightning Strikes & Fortress NZ

Has Joseph Gordon-Levitt lost his mind

Platforming a Monster

The Church of Anti-Vax doth speak unto me

Totally Normal I: Furious Gran

Thanks for your support, and some updates

Bonus: the full Cease & Desist letters

An open letter to Dr Dan & his lawyers

Worshipping at the Church of Anti-Vax

Episode 6: Imprisoned in a system that won’t let us act

RIP: Billy TK Jnr & Vinnie Eastwood

The world's f**king so f**ked up

Episode 5: The Webworm Podcast - Covid madness

Dr Dan from Millhouse Medical

"What's my pin?" Living with Long Covid

Hillsong & Mediaworks have their reckoning

Reconsidering QAnon

Deepfakes are (one) click away

The problem of Hillsong & Stephen Harmon

Lessons learnt while broken down on a freeway

I feel so goddamn proud

Bad ideas: collect the whole set

Would you cheat to get home to New Zealand?

Metal mom goes viral

The Pretender Part V: the end of the saga

Wellness woo

Bonus 'worm: (Viral) Metal Mom

Naming your kids Metallica, Slayer & Pantera

"It’s pretty shitty in the cyber world for us right now"

"Napoleon" Webworm t-shirt is out! And an AMA

Meet my friend Molly, the professional whistler

The mysterious Matt Obolensky

Welcome to Jurassic Park

The stupidity of Randonautica

The gentle art of leaving

Behind Sweet Tooth

A short note of caution for Auckland cyclists

There's just too much

The X-Files, but real life

Inside Steve Bannon's NZ news division

New Zealand's Fake News

Welcome to Harlo

John Campbell has a secret Spotify playlist

Why I'm on the cover of a Chuck Tingle novel

Ask Me Anything!

"Would you sell me pictures of your feet"

Shazam: Sinbad's genie film never existed!

The letters we keep in boxes

HEALTH & NIN are releasing a song this week

American Cult: the rest of the episodes

American Cult

Being screamed & whispered at simultaneously

Leaving New Zealand, & meeting David Farrier

Taking flight: the QAnon crowd avoiding masks

One hellish day on Billy TK Junior's app

New Armchaired & Dangerous: Cannibalism!

I just wrapped filming, and a t-shirt update

Cooking sausages on an active volcano

The American Dream?

Webworm tees - Drop #1 now open

Jevan Goulter, a special kind of creature

Saving Hannibal

Milkshake Duck

QAnon in your undies

Becoming clickbait

When your mind's eye is firmly shut

Welcome to Armchaired & Dangerous

JFK: a conspiracy theory to take seriously?

NFTs will kill us all

I forgot meeting Rob Schneider

"I sold a 450 frame, 7 and a half second looping video of a floating game console for $8000"

How are you doing?

I talk to all the people who sent me threats

"I hope you get hit by a truck"

The time I met Karl Pilkington

Why Facebook decided to kill the news

I meet the guy who wrote the Seinfeld theme

"Jet fuel can't melt steal beams!"

THROWING KIDS: a YouTube mystery

My conversation with a cannibal

Inside Myanmar

The Pretender part III: Wilding v Wikipedia

Sean Plunket leaves Mediaworks

The media loves giving racists a platform

I think I've grasped QAnon for the first time

Vacuous influencers weigh in on the vaccine

Great Awakening / Inauguration open thread

Why NZ is not immune to America's stupidity

My Webworm Favs

RIP QAnon: 2017-2021

Parler posters ponder possible prosecution

Donald Trump's biggest defeat: no tweeting

A terrorist group storms the US Senate

I talk to someone who just got the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Dark Tourist Season Two: what could have been

The rest of Dark Tourist 2